Why kaal sadhaks are lousy?

Why kaal sadhaks are lousy? Once, there lived the sage name “Chunak”. He was pious human soul and determined in seek of God. He got the lesson from Vedh that “OM” is the only true mantra which humans have to enchant and do sadhana as well. He knew else sadhana like fasting and doing Saraadha are not allowed to perform so he was determined in “OM” mantra thinking everything is “OM” mantra.

But infact “OM” mantra is not the true mantra to find the complete God. Only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj knows the mantra to attain the salvation. Sage Chunak also knows worshipping other gods like brahma, Vishnu and Shiv are useless. He learned the Vedh and beleive that Om mantra is true mantra from Brahma which was broadcast by the Kaal.

He scarified his body and soul for the seek of Complete god. With this aim, he jaaped OM mantra every time. While reciting any mantra the Sadhaks are benefited but that’s transitory and when they sit in a place and do Taap , they are benefited in an another way.

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Complete god says “Taap se raaj, raaj se madh manam, janam tisre sukar swanam” . When reciting the om mantra, with the impressions of past life the sadhak’s kamal are bloomed. There are several kamal’s inside our body and the kamal’s are swad kamal, mul kamal, nabhi kamal, hridaya kamal, kanth kamal and trikuti kamal. With that impressions any one kamal are bloomed like the television is switch on.

Hence that sadhak can explore the panorama of that particular kamal and get the spiritual benefits. They do deep meditations and taap sitting calm in a place and enjoys the panorama of that particular kamal. While doing this its called taap and those who do tap are benefited by the kingdom of any particular region in their next birth. Other several activities are performed by the sadhak’s from Vedh like reciting the Gyatri mantra.

The gyatri mantra “ Om bhur bhuwassah tatsha bitrniyam, vargo dewas dhi mahi, dhiyo yonah parcho dayat”. According to the complete is gyatri mantra is not bad but adding the word “OM” before the mantra insults the complete. Its pious mantra from Yugur Vedh Aadhya 36, manta no. 3 but sadhak’s do it in wrong way hence they are not benefited by this as well. There are thousands of mantra in Vedh and repeation of same mantra is called gyan yagya. And reciting the same mantra several times some siddhis are acquired by the sadhak’s.

Just like Agasta rishi had acquired siddhi that he could drank the whole water of seven oceans in one attempt and again throw it back. But no Salvation.

Why kaal sadhaks are lousy?

Same like Chunak rishi had acquired some siddhis reciting the om mantra in several years and converted him into like explosive bomb. He had acquired such powers that he could destroy the whole planet just like the nuclear bomb in current time. In that period there was King named “Maandhata”. He was very popular and powerful having crores of soldiers with large territory.

To know his powers and to know who are under his reign, he thought of to test. He then released his own horse scripting the sentence that “If one don’t accept his rulings then they can catch the horse and accepts the challenges for combat. Altogether Maandhata had 72 crores of soldiers.

The horse was roaming with soldiers and one day they reached to the territory of Chunak’s rishi and rishi asked what is this? Soldiers replied that it’s the test of Glorious king Mandhaata to know who are under his reign and accept his rule but those who don’t want to be ruled they can catch the horse can ready for combat to prove their abilities and powers.

As Chunak rishi had became atom bomb with the siddhis acquired from OM mantra. He caught the horse and said to soldiers to inform their king. The soldiers warned rishi that he don’t have enough crops for the food how could he fought with the king. But the rishi chunak ignored and caught the horse.

That message was delivered to the king and king was ready for the war. He prepared himself with 72  crore soldiers and reached to rishi Chunak. As rishi chunak has siddhi’s he distributed himself in four form and  threw atom bomb like siddhi to each 18 crore group of the soldiers and killed all the 72 crore soldiers including the king.

What happened when rishi Chunak died, his next birth was in dog yoni (birth). He was badly injured in his head and in his head several micro organism started to develop and they started to bite. The dog (Chunak rishi) died with severe pain.

Once a sage and his disciple were roaming in the place and they Shaw a person catching the fish from hook and killing them for food. The sage replied his disciple that what will be the result of this bad act of this person killing the fishes mercilessly.

The sage replied “I will tell you later” and they went from there. After some years the both sage and disciple were roaming in the woods. What they shaw that the baby elephant was playing jumping and while jumping that baby felled in the center of two trees. He tried himself to escape but couldn’t and his skins were torn as well with the escaping process. But he couldn’t get freed and what happened that in his skin some micro organism started developing and started his biting. The helpless baby elephant couldn’t do anything.

He was bearing terrible pain and was crying with loud helpless voice. The disciple again asked what is the sin of this innocent baby that he is in  such suffer, the sage replied “This elephant was that same person who used to catch the fishes by hooks and now in this birth he is an elephant and that micro organism are fishes who appeared in his body to take revenge of their merciless killings.

Moral of the storyReciting of om mantra, its not the way to met complete god. Sadhak’s only acquired siddhis to play but their sin are as usual because om mantra don’t have abilities to chop the sins and still those sadhaks are in 84 birt death. They also have to pay their bad karmas like Chunak rishi and that person who used to catch fish with the hooks. Only true mantra provided by Saint Rampla Ji Mahraj can chop the sins and eradicate the several human sufferings.

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