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What is real happiness?

To get rid of the great effects of birth and death forever and to attain a place in the immortal world (Satlok) is real happiness. Satlok is plenty of happiness, there is no suffering of birth and death. Achieving Satlok is only possible by taking preaching from complete saint and doing true devotional devotion according to (Gita Chapter-4 Verse-34)

Where do I come from?

Every man thinks that he should never grow old, never die. Our thinking has come from Satlok. It is our personal place, an imperishable place, there is no suffering of death. We all came from Satlok to this Kaal Lok (Earth) by our mistake.

What is soul?

The soul is made up of an element which is part of the complete God Kabir Sahib. The soul is also indestructible as God Kabir. Its actual shine is more shiny comparable to sunlight. It cannot be destroyed by fire, water, sword etc.

What happens after death?

After death, the Yamdoots (Death’s soldier) drag the non-devotional and scriptural devotional, fake master-makers and sinners to death and commit terrible tortures in hell. Thereafter, birth is found in 84 lakh painful vagrants.

Taking initiation from the elemental saint (Gita Chapter-4 Verse-34), according to the scriptures, the supreme ablution is performed to Satlok, where there is no birth, death, sorrow, suffering and disease.

Why don’t we get complete salvation?

There is evidence in the Gita and Veda scriptures that three virtues namely Rajoguna Brahma ji, Satogun Vishnu ji, Tamogun Shiva and worshiping these as deities one will only get the reward of their deeds but cannot attain salvation. Complete salvation means getting rid of birth and death, by going to the shelter of a full saint, by getting true devotion.

What is there after death?

What is the reason for suffering and suffering in life?

Suffering in human life comes for two reasons. Because of the wrong deeds done in this life and due to the sinful deeds of previous lives.

After attaining philosophy, performing true bhakti ends the sorrows. In Yajurveda Chapter 8 Mantra 13, there is proof that God destroys the terrible sin of the seeker. That kind-hearted God is only Kabir (Kavir Dev) who is a savior.

What is the reason for suffering? We do not want to be sad, but everyone is unhappy for one reason or the other?

The root cause of our sufferings is lack of spirituality and lack of good faith. In the absence of spirituality, man suffers. Because of lack of spirituality, a person commits all kinds of evils, due to which the person remains unhappy, disturbed and disappointed.

After attaining spiritual knowledge, a human becomes happy because he is aware of all actions and stays away from evils and performs true devotion. God avoids the troubles and hardships that come in the destiny of that seeker.

What is the main purpose of human life?

It has been told in the scriptures that salvation is the main purpose of human life.

The animals and birds also do the earthly work that we do. Human life is found to get rid of the cycle of birth and death. Salvation is possible by doing true devotion by preaching from a saintly visionary saint.

Who is the divine who frees you from birth and death and makes you immortal?

Satlok is attained by worshiping Kabir Saheb Ji after taking sermon from the saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Satlok is indestructible.

After going there, the seeker is freed from the cycle of birth and death and attains complete salvation.

Where is the real happiness?

The real happiness is in Satlok where there is no birth or death.

What is the cycle of birth and death?

Under the cycle of birth and death, this creature cannot get salvation from this disease until after attaining the name of a full saint and attaining salvation by doing devotion.

And the identity of the complete saint is mentioned in verses 1 to 4 of Chapter 15 of Gita ji.

Why does death happen?

We are stuck in the era of time and this place is perishable. This is why we die birth. God Kabir is imperishable and the imperishable place is Satlok Where there is no birth or death.

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Are your spiritual master saints complete?

You ask to your spiritual master during the discussion. If your spiritual master is not a complete saint, you cannot get rid of the disease of birth and death by staying in his shelter.

Are you an ambitious person?

Ambitions are the biggest obstacle in getting rid of the disease of birth and death. If you want to get rid of this disease of birth and death, then come to the shelter of full saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Only those will eradicate unnecessary desires and show you the path to salvation.

What is the identity of being spiritual?

Seeing someone’s death creates a desire to understand the disease of birth and death, it is all due to past virtuous deeds. But if you have not taken refuge under the full saint, saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, then it is sure to go in the circle of 84 lakh births. Because presently only he is a complete saint who can get rid of the disease of birth and death.

How can the cycle of birth and death be avoided?

To avoid the cycle of birth and death, first of all a complete guru / complete saint is required. By following his prescribed scriptural path of devotion, you can be free from the disease of birth and death forever. Presently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji exists as a complete saint on earth.

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