Who is Namdev and how he fed milk to stone idol Bithal Ji?

Who is Namdev ji: Namdev Ji’s parents used to worship the stone and idol of Lord Bithal. The idol was kept in a cupboard at home. Milk was offered daily to the idol. They warmed the milk in a bowl and mixed it sweetly and refrigerated it for some time and kept it in front of the idol. They used to put a curtain ahead which was kept on the cupboard. After some time, after picking milk offerings up and mixing it with other milk, everyone used to drink and shared the whole family.

Namdev ji was only 12 years old. One day his parents had to go to another village for some work. They told his son Namdev that son! We are going to another village for a week. You stay at home, first of all, offer milk to Bithal Ji, then eat food later. If this is not done then Lord Bithal will get angry and curse us. You will be hurt. The parents insisted and repeated this several times to Namdev and went on their journey.

Who is Namdev ji?

Namdev ji got up in the morning after bathing, wore clean clothes, filled the bowl with milk and placed it in front of the idol of Bithal Ji and prayed to drink milk, but the idol did not drink milk. The devotee did not even eat food. Three days had passed already. Likewise every day, he used to place milk in front of the idol and plead that O Lord! Drink milk, today your servant will die because I am not in control of hunger. Parents will be angry as well. God forgive my mistake. I must have made a mistake.

So you are not drinking milk. You used to have daily drink with your parents hands. Namdev ji did not know that the parents used to keep milk for some time and took a bowl and put it with other milk. He believed that Bithal ji used to drink milk every day. On the fourth day, the ill-tempered boy warmed the milk and placed it in front of the idol and fell down due to weakness. Then, while sitting and started praying, the idol’s hands came ahead and raised the bowl and drank all the milk.

There was no place for happiness of Namdev ji. Then he himself ate food, drank milk. Then every day, idol started drinking milk.

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After seven-eight days, Namdev’s parents returned, and first asked if he offered milk to Bithal ji? Namdev said that God did not drink milk for three days. I do not know what went wrong. I also did not eat food. God forgave my mistake on the fourth day, then drank milk in the morning.

The parents said, tell the truth, son, otherwise you will be called sinner. Bithal god has actually drunk milk? Namdev ji said, I am really telling the truth. Father said prove us tomorrow morning. The next day Namdev Ji placed a bowl of milk in front of the stone idol of the god of Bithal. At the same time, hands came forward, picked up the bowl and drank all the milk. The parents went mad. They rushed into the street and announced Namdev literally gave milk to the idol of the god Bithal.

This thing spread like fire in the whole village, but no one was convinced. It reached to the whole village that Namdev’s father is lying that his son Namdev gave milk to the stone idol. Meeting was held. Namdev and his father were called to the meeting and asked whether it was true that Namdev had given milk to the idol of the god Bithl. Father said yes! he fed before us. Some people said that here is the idol of Lord Bithal. This bowl of milk is kept.

If Namdev fed milk in front of us, we will believe, otherwise you will have to leave this village with your family. Namdev ji raised the bowl and kept it in front of the idol of Bithal Ji. At the same time, Bithal Ji held the bowl in his hands and drank all the milk. All the peoples and audience in the meeting were surprised. In this way, God performed miracles with the power of devotion of Namdev Ji’s previous birth.

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