Where and What is Satlok?

Where and What is Satlok? Complete God Kabir sahib says “Aand aur pinda se paar so desh hamara hai”. Aand means body and pinda means universe and the real habitat of human soul is Satlok which is 16 Sankh miles away from earth. We came here which was our fault but now we have to reach our destination by doing true bhakti from true guru.

In this prime time true guru is Saint Rampalji Maharaj. Complete God Kabir Saheb permitted Saint to give Naam uapadesh. Hence from the true Naam Upadesh thousands of people are benefited from sufferings and mental illness. Why and how we came here. Read from here


Every human being desires for Complete god but they don’t know how and where to met the god. Its Kaal Lok where Kaal has made such illusion so that souls couldnot get the way of true bhakti. Kaal’s three son (Rajogun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu and Tamo Gun Shiv) including his better half Maya (Prakriti devi/ Durga) has spread such network of illusion so that soul remains capture whole life and  when this life ends the 84 birth and death welcomed them.

Where and What is Satlok?

The illusions are traditions and norms, cultural ceremonies, social practice, worshiping temple/stone, church and Masjid. Celebration birthday, anniversary celebration happy moments are the illusions to keep far from complete god. You think how this is illusion? Let me explain here.

No one in this planet is happy with their life. All have their own sorrow and pains. Do you know why? Its all our bad deeds (karma). When we are punished with karma, we remember the god but when we got some achievement we forget complete god.

Its our foolishness and human should be punished for this so that they will remember the complete god. These practices are called illusions because when we keep practicing this we automatically distract from the complete god and Kaal wants the same.

So we have to forget all these transitory happiness assets earned. Complete god says “You can get parents and relation in all 84 births and death but you cannot get true guru in rest births. Only this birth human birth is possible to attain the salvation.

But the kaal has made such maze that we are unable to identify the true god and we are punished by the karma. If we are in the reign of complete god Kaal cannot punish us though we committed bad karma because only supreme complete god can chop the sins done by us. No one rest is able to chop the sins. Not even Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Jesus nor Allah.

They don’t have such powers and another reason is we are doing the bhakti’s against the order of Holy Books. Holy book has never granted permission to worship stones and woods. We are doing wrong bhakti so how could we be happy. Hence to be happy in this life and attain the salvation we should be in the reign of complete god, Kabir Saheb.

Our permanent destination is Satlok where there is no any births and deaths. There is no sorrow and pains. Hans (souls of satlok) don’t have to do hard labor to raise the family. Everything is there for free. There is no fatal illness and old age. We think that why we get sorrow, why we die, why we have pains.  We don’t want such things in life.

Do you know why? Because there all were provided by complete god free of cost. Hence we are in seek of these things but we came along with Kaal from satlok and we are suffering our mistakes.

In this earth what ever bhakti we perform all are useless. Only the true saint can teach us the lesson how to do bhakti and met with complete god. And Satlok is that pious place where we used to live there. And this life is only for to attain the Salvation and go back to our native home “Satlok

This is only possible when we get Naam Upadesh from true saint and the true saint in this prime time is one and only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. No one has the way to attain the salvation.

We should not forget our father who is worried for us but what we are doing is, we are spending our time and golden life in earning the transitory things. Kaal has made these things for us like a doll to play with and when time comes Kaal snatched away and threw in hell and 84 lakhs births death those who don’t do true Bhakti.

We think we are doing the bhakti, we think we are doing true bhakti but we are not in true way. Only true way can be shown by TattoDarshi Saint where its scripted in Gita to go in the reign of Tatto Drashi Saint for complete salvation. There is no any next option. We are blind in the triGuni maya and we are determined to gather waste things spoiling the golden human life. As Kaal wants that human should never met Complete god.

He is cursed by complete god and in result Kaal gives us suffering so take revenge from complete god. We have to follow the right way of bhakti and we should seek for true guru. True guru appears after the millions of years and in this time true guru is Saint Rampal ji Maharaj.

We should understand and thnk from core what Saint Rampal ji is saying in his Satsnag and knowledge. We are misled by Kaal but Saint Rampal Ji maharaj is saving us from Kaal’s trap. Triguni maya always tried to chain human but those who takes Naam Upadesh from Saint rampal Ji Maharaj, Kaal can do nothing and supreme god also eradicates all our suffering and always blessed his Bhagats.

Moral of the story

Our native and permanent destination is Satlok which we have left in the illsuon of Kaal’s act. In another word Kaal is devil who raise the human and eats everyday. Durga gives birth and Kaal kills us and ate us.

We have to get out of this Kaal’s lok  and we should be determined for Satlok our native home place.

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