What is Yagya?

What is Yagya? Some devotees say that – ‘We read a chapter of the Gita every day. ‘Some devotees read the verses of the Vedas daily. Some devotees recite excerpts or words from the saint’s holy speech daily.

Muslim devotees recite certain verses from the Quran Sharif or offer Namaz five times a day. This is called reading. All this is said to be the religious practice of reciting the Veda or Gita to read the non-stop holy text or to read the holy text with reverence at any time. Recitation of sacred texts for the purpose of acquiring knowledge is also called Sadhana. It is also called knowledge devotion.

What is Yagya?

Yagya: The meaning of Yagya is a religious ritual. Yagyas are divided into 5 types:-

1. Dharm Yagya

2. Dhyaan Yagya

3. Hawan Yagya

4. Pranaam Yagya

5. Gyan Yagya.

Dharma Yagya happens in many ways. For example, feeding the hungry, feeding grain and water to birds, drinking water for animals, building stockyards, building drinking water kiosks for people, building inns, donating blankets or other clothes to the poor By donating food items and medicines in times of natural disasters (droughts, floods) by providing free food on religious, and by helping those who get by accident etc.

Therefore Dharma Yagya is done in many ways. But in the spiritual path, the Dharma Yagya is performed by the complete master. This is the real sacrificial fire.

Kabir, Guru bin mala fertey, Guru bin detey daan |
Guru bin dono nishfal hain, poochho Vedh Puran ||

Question: Is there no benefit of Dharma Yagya without getting Guru? It was earlier reported that all the above mentioned practices are dharma Yagya. Now you are saying that without charitable sacrifice, the yagna is not real, ie if it is not real then its benefit will also not be real. please clarify.

Answer: After attaining Guru one gets full benefit of Dharma Yagya because according to the method described in the holy texts, the complete Guru performs religious practices (Sadhana). In that, he also does and performs Naam-Jaap Yagya. A detailed description of this will be given further. If you do righteousness without getting Guru, you will definitely get fruit because whatever you do, God always gives his fruit, but neither will salvation nor human life is possible.

Guru without religious person will get the result of Dharma (charity) in the life of animal birds etc. Like, we see some dogs travel in cars. The man is the driver of that dog. The dog lives in an air-conditioned room. Eighty percent of the world’s population does not get the nutritious food that a dog gets as a result of donations made in previous births.

After enjoying the prize of a donation made in human life to a dog, that creature is then born into the life of other animals or creatures. Thus, it goes through the lives of 84 lakh kinds of living beings.

This creates difficulty one after the other. If a religious person who makes an arbitrary donation in the life of man goes into the life of a pig after fully experiencing the fruits of charity in the life of a dog, what facilities can he get now?

If he had made a living donation by getting a guru in human life, he would have either attained liberation, or if his devotion had not been fulfilled, he would have got a human life, and in human life, he would have done whatever facilities were available in the life of a dog. They have got all the facilities.

Then any saint, guru, and devotion in human life would have attained liberation. Therefore it has been said that to get the real benefit of yagyas, it is mandatory to get a full master.

Kabir, Satguru ke updesh ka, laya ek vichaar |
Jae Satguru milta nahin, to jaatey yam dwaar ||
Kabir, yam dwaar mein doot sab, kartey khaenchaataan |
Unse kabahu na chhootta, firta chaaron khaan ||
Kabir, chaar khaan mein bharmta, kabahu na lagta paar |
So fera sab mit gaya, mere Satguru ke upkaar ||
Kabir, Ram Krishna se kaun bada, tinhu bhi guru kinh |
Teen lok ke ve dhani, guru aagey aadheen ||

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