Story of parrot and hunter



Story of parrot and hunter. The human souls who got the name from true Guru Santrampal Ji Maharaj are very lucky and pious soul who were kind hearted in past life and determined, keen towards Complete God Kabir Sahib who is creator of entire universe. All the nature and facilities are provided from complete God Kabir Sahib.

The human souls who are benefited by the naam upadesh are motivating other for the initiations, not only for eradication of sufferings, to attain the salvation as well.  The mantra have very powerful effect where Jyoti Niranjan Kaal cannot even harm to those naam dani (persons who have taken naam upadesh from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj).

Hence they are protected from the fatal jolts of their bad karma. Complete god Kabir Sahib chops the sin done by human in present birth or sins done in past births.

Story of parrot and hunter

Those whose karma were pious in past births they understand this pious knowledge quickly but those whose past account is bad they can never understand easily even they ignore this spiritual knowledge.

They are lured by the three Gunas and again they will spoil this birth too and they are compelled to go to hell and bear several suffering there.

Ravan, devotee of Tamogun-Shiv was the king of Lanka. He was very prosperous and rich king having several powers and Siddhis ( power attained from Taap) but what happens at end he have to lose all the prosperous with empty hand and forced to go in hell as his karma was bad and didn’t get naam upadesh from true guru and also never performed true bhakti as well.

His palace was made from the bricks of gold and the vendors and business man do business by selling and purchasing diamonds, pearls and other precious metals more precious then gold. Ravan had one lakh son and one lakh  twenty five thousand grand-son but when he died no one were with him.

So Complete God Kabir Sahib explains what is the purpose of this. Everything is karma and true Bhakti.  Even Ravan’s wife Mandodari convinced him not to do bad karma and do true bhakti but he never listened her. His brother Vhibhisan even was pious soul who was doing true Bhakti.

*Point to be noted Mandodari and Bibhisan” were given Naam Upadesh by Complete God in Treta Yuga.*

Once upon a time, a hunter caught the parrot and was going to sell that parrot in market. Once sadhu (Sage) saw the parrot caught in prison and thought that this bird lives freely in the jungle and have strong ability to grab the teachings and talks like human. Now it is caught by hunter its so pity.

As sage was kind hearted and thought to freed from hunter. He went towards hunter and asked the price. The hunter replied including prison it will cost 5 Rupay. And the sage purchased the parrot including the prison with same price 5 Rupay.

When the parrot was taken to the cottage of sage, the sage asked how he was caught? Parrot said” Hunter has spread crops as bait and when I tried to get the crops I was caught in the cage.

Then, Sage told to parrot that if he freed him “Do you again fall in the trap of hunter?”. Parrot replied NO Never.

And sage warned to take mantra before releasing parrot and that mantra was “Hunter will come, spread the crops as baits, we will not go for crops and we will never get trapped” and parrot accepted the mantra.

Sage also told him to tell other friends same mantra so that they will also not get trapped and was freed. The parrot went back to his habitat and all his closed ones and friends asked how he could get escaped from the hunter and that parrot explained all the incidents. The parrot also told the same mantra to all his groups.

One day again hunter went for catching parrots in the same jungle. When he reached to the jungle he heard the all the parrots enchanting the mantra “Hunter will come, spread the crops as baits, we will not go for crops and we will never get trapped”. The hunter was shocked and thought someone has trained them about him.

But hunter thought I have came from long distance so why don’t I try once. And he tried and spread the crops and arranged the trap. Then the parrot who was master of that group saw the crops and he went for crops but was enchanting the mantra “Hunter will come, spread the crops as baits, we will not go for crops and we will never get trapped”. Other saw him and followed him for crops but all were enchanting the mantra “Hunter will come, spread the crops as baits, we will not go for crops and we will never get trapped”.

And finally the hunter successfully caught all the parrots. All the parrots were caught in prison but still they were enchanting the mantra repeatedly.

Again that sage saw all the parrots caught and was surprised about them and thought how it could be. While that sage purchased the parrot in very beginning sage was teaching some lessons, when sage clapped his hands the parrot becomes silent.

So this time also the sage clapped the hands and that master parrot listened and stooped enchanting the mantra and thought his guru ji came for help. The sage scolded all them that they only learned the mantra but never made a practice.

The sage told parrot to do act of dying in sign language and parrot understood. The parrot act as he was dead and seeing this, his all friends did the same and all seemed they were dead.

The hunter when  saw all the parrots are dead, actually they were not dead that was a kind of act. The hunter freed by thinking no one will purchase the dead parrot. When hunter opened the prison all the parrots flew away and get freed.

That sage caught that master parrot and scolded a lot that he was only enchanting the given mantra as formality from surface  but never practice it in real. Overall the parrot was only enchanting  but never from deep core.

Moral of this satang and video

Though the people know that they are trapped in Jyoti Niranjaan Kaal’s trap and still they are not trying to escape from his trap. People know in human life suffering is mandatory but they even don’t tried to get freed from it by taking initiations from true Guru. And in this prime time true guru is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. All the suffering will be eradicated from the initiations of Naam upadesh.

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