Why this book is world’s Top downloaded book?

Why this book is world’s Top downloaded book?:  Hello, readers thanks for stopping across our top favorite website and reading our precious article in the internet.

There are several books found in internet and no doubt they pay their own importance. They are precious in their own place. Different readers love to read different kinds of books according to their choice of topics.

The number of downloads of their book may be in large scale but today we are going to reveal top downloaded book all over this planet. This book is not only top downloaded but also top shared in internet and top shared by hand to hand as well.

Before revealing the name of this pious book, we would like to shortlist the top title why this pious book is downloaded. This book has next level of impact in readers. This book not only changed the life perspectives but also changed the direction of human motto.

Why this book is world’s Top downloaded book?

The testimonials are thanking to the writer from bottom of the heart because their life is converted from hell to heaven. Even the suffering are disappeared. These are shortlisted good reason to download this pious book. Download from here.

1. Which Ram should we worship?

2. Formation of universe from “Bible” and “Quran Sheriff

3. How human souls are trapped in Kaal’s trap?

4. Who is father of Shree Vishnu ji, Brahma Ji and Shiv Ji?

5. Who is the husband of Aadi Maya Astangi (Durga) ji?

6. Proved formation of Universe from Rig Vedh

7. Proved formation of universe from Shiv Puran

8. Formation of universe from Shree MadBhagwat Gita ji.

9. Who and where is complete god?

10. Identification of complete saint (Guru)

11. What is Triguni Maya?

12. Definition of heaven

13. Secrets of Purans

14. Secrets of Bible

15. Secrets of Quran

16. How Gita ji’s narrator is formed?

17. Who is narrator of Shree Bhagwat Gita ji?

18. Which is the real way of worship?

19. Why human souls suffers, born and die?

20. If there is death then why there is life?

21. Which book should we read?

The above illustrated points are good reason for downloading this pious book. Now without taking time lets us reveal the name and secrets of this book. The author of this pious book is “Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj” and the name of the book is “Gyan Ganga”.

The word Gyan Ganga is derived from Devanagari script where “Gyan” means knowledge and “Ganga” means pious river. The consist of two words means river of knowledge.

This book carries the sacred slogan

“Our race is living being, Humanity is our religion, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian there is no separate Religion”.  

This is another good reason to take place in heart of the readers.

Gyan Ganga is not only a good way of spiritual awakening but it also teaches the world a lesson of humanity, brotherhood and preaches about mankind.

In this book, it is illustrated how to attain salvation and identify the true Guru. Why human suffers, this book reveals a reason so that human souls can be aware of virtue and evil deeds.

There are several reasons behind the birth and death of human life.

If there is birth then why there is death?

This question is itself a big question and all the answers are briefed here.

Why there is birth and death. Know from here

Everybody wants to live long, always want to stay healthy and prosperous, none wants to work hard to run life and family. Do you know why? This is because we had this life in sacred place.

In that place human souls never die, they never have to struggle, they never suffer and they never come in 84 lakhs births and deaths. But in this planet, what we don’t want, it’s happening that means we are controlled by somebody.

Why are our wishes never fulfilled, it’s because we are doing wrong bhakti  and it’s against Holy scripts. We are not following the scripts of holy pious books.

Hindus called themselves Hindu but they never follow the order of Vedh and Gita ji.
Are they Hindu who ignores the preaching of Vedh and Gita ji?

Likewise Muslim brothers are not following the Quran Sherrif saying and Christians not following as well.

There is deep secrets of all the religious pious book and the message is only one i.e  Human life is only for attaining salvation and nothing else. To take Naam upadesh click here.

There are deep secrets in the pious book “Gyan Ganga” where every human of this planet should read once. We bet they will find the better way of life and also figure out the reason of human life.

gyan ganga
Gyan Ganga

Their life will be totally changed and this glove will be converted into heaven and all will flew to their native home “Satlok” where there is no  sorrow, suffering, death, old age and shortage of any kind of happiness.

Click here to download this pious book “Gyan Ganga


Purify your soul from true guru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to attain salvation

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