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Allah Kabir Sahib knows everything: Story of Abrahim Sultan Adham

Story of Abrahim Sultan Adham: Once Sultan Adham went to a pond outside his city of Balakh and sat down near pond. His son was the king. When this news was discovered the, he climbed on the elephant and reached to the pond with soldiers and musicians. His son said,” You are suffering as a beggar and destroyed your life.” He requested his father Sultan to walk home. The Sultan refused in clear terms.

Everything happens today with my permission. The Sultan said that the God who can do, you cannot do it. His son said to give permission so that he could prove his ability. In terms he convinced Sultan to return back to palace. Sultan Adham agreed and accepted. Then Sultan said,” I have thrown a needle in this pond. Find this needle from the water and return it to me.”

The king called the soldiers, divers and netting persons. They all tried, but in vain. His son said, Dad! Instead of one needle, I bring a thousand needles. Can your Allah find this needle? Then the Sultan said, O son! If my Allah will find this needle, will you do devotion? Will you retire? The boy said that you first get this needle out of your lord, and then I will think. Ibrahim Sultan requested,” The daughter of God fishes! A needle from slave of god has fallen in your pond. Please take out my needle and give it to me.

Story of Abrahim Sultam Adham

A few moments later a fish came to shore near Ibrahim with a needle in her mouth. Abrahim caught the needle and thanked the fish with folded hands.

Then Sultan said, son! See what God can do, a human being, even a king, cannot do it. Now what will you do devotion? The son said that God only gave you needle, I can provide you diamonds, pearls and a lot of precious ornaments. Can your god provide these? I will do devotion in old age. Devotee Ibrahim listened and left towards his cave.

Once a time, Ibrahim Sultan had gone to Mecca. His aim was to reveal the true Allah message to Muslim devotees. He had to explain it. He stayed there for a few days to explain them. Some also became his disciples. A Hajj pilgrim has delivered

Ibrahim lives in Mecca message to his younger son. When his younger son insisted on seeing the father, his mother agreed and she managed some men and women of the city along and went to Mecca to met Ibrahim.

Ibrahim used to teach his disciples that a boy without beard and to women not to look long. By doing this, there is an attachment towards them. But seeing his son, Ibrahim could not keep up; he kept looking at the child. The boy was about 13 years of age. The disciples said that Master, you teach us that one should not look long at a child without beard or mustache but you are doing same.

Ibrahim said, I do not know why I am attracted to him? At the same time an old man said, King! She is your queen and this is your son. You left the kingdom, at that time he was in the womb. He came to see you. At the same time, the boy touched the father’s feet and sat in the dock. Affection of tears welled up in Ibrahim’s eyes. Suddenly there was a voice from Allah that Sultan! You do not love me. Love your family and go back to palace.

At the same time Ibrahim was shocked and closed his eyes. He prayed, O God! It is out of my control, either kill me or this boy. The boy died at the same time. Ibrahim stood up and left. People from Balakh started preparing to perform the last rites of the boy. To attain the divine, the devotee has to meet every criterion. Then you get success at end.

God immediately gave human life to that boy’s soul and produced the boy in his devotee’s house. From childhood, that soul found the path of the divine. Once all the devotees gathered in satsang (Divine gathering where words of god are preached) in Saint’s slum. The boy was 4 years old. By god’s grace, his bed and Ibrahim’s bed were side by side. Seeing Ibrahim, the boy said, Father! Why did you leave me in Mecca?

I am now born to a devotee’s home. See, Allah has reunited me with you. When this news went to Saint Zinda Baba (Complete god Kabir Sahib), Saint told that this is Ibrahim’s son who died in Mecca. Now God has given birth to this soul in the devotee’s home. Ibrahim was always saddened by his son’s death, but did not share anyone. That day, he said, thank you god! You are transcendent. Today my heart became lighter and full of pleasure.

It was arising in my mind, what did God do? How his mother will go home? Today my soul is completely calm. Saint (Kabir Sahib) sent a message to the kid’s former mother i.e. Ibrahim’s wife that she should come to the slum. Saint (Kabir Sahib) also called the kids and his new parents and Ibrahim too. Kabir Sahib introduced that boy to the former mother. The boy excited and said,” Mother why you left me in Mecca. Allah Kabir Sahib came over there, looked me, he sat (spoke with a hand pointed towards Saint – Kabir Sahib) and left me in the house here.

I went into this mother’s womb. Then I was born. Now I have taken initiation. I recite the first mantra. Hey mother! You also take initiation from the Master, You will attain salvation. Ibrahim’s wife took initiation and said send this boy with me. Complete god Kabir Sahib said that if I had to be kept in that hell (in the glare of the kingdom) then why would he have died? Now you come to the slum and visit the child in satsang once the month. Ibrahim did not feel familiar with the boy because he was born from someone else’s body.

But his illusion, stupidity of mind was destroyed. Which he used to think Allah should not have done this. Now he came to know that God does what is beneficial. All are creatures of Allah Kabir Sahib thinks of everyone’s benefit. We think of our own interest. The queen also did not have that feeling in the boy, but the soul was the same. Therefore mother’s affection was awake in the heart. Therefore, seeing him, she used to get peace. Because of this, God salvated the queen and the child as well.

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