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Shree Krishna is not the speaker of Shree Bhagwat Gita ji: Authentic Prove

Shree Krishna is not the speaker of Shree Bhagwat Gita ji. Shree Bhagwat Gita is one of the pious book of Hindu. It is recognized in whole globe due to its lessons of mankind and spiritual awakening. It motivates human and make their suffering heal.

Each words of Gita ji is powerful. Even it is highly accepted by other religion too. Different universities from the globe have kept it in their education syllabus.  

Shree Krishna is not the speaker of Shree Bhagwat Gita ji: Authentic Proved

There are 18 chapters and 700 verses in Gita ji. The origin language scripted in Gita ji is Sanskrit.   Everybody claim that Gita ji is spoken by Shree Krishna. But those who are aware and have depth knowledge of Gita ji believes that Kaal is the speaker of Gita ji. Kaal came into the body of Shree Krishna and spoke in front of Arjun.

Let’s us find the proof here that Shree Krishna is not the speaker of Shree Bhagwat Gita ji. And also prove that Shree Krishna is not complete god from Gita Ji.

1. I know everyone, no one knows me (Chapter 7 verse 26)

All knew that Shree Krishna is there and they know about all the facts of Shree Krishna from his birth and all his activities. Here how can Shree Krishna says no one knows him?

2. I remain formless (Chapter 9 Verse 4)

Though Shree Krishna was there in every time showing his presence so how could he say in Kurukshetra that he is formless?

3. I remain invisible (Chapter 6 Verse 30)

Shree Krishna were in  his own body so how he could say himself, he remain invisible

4. I never get in shape like a human, this is my inferior rule (Chapter 7 Verse 24-25)

5. I was there before and you too and will be ahead (Chapter 2 Mantra 12)

Which means Shree Krishna has birth and death. A complete god cannot have birth and death according to Vedas

6. Arjuna; You and I are born and have death and it’s a cycle (Chapter 4 Verse 5)

7. I am the best in Lok Veda (Chapter 15 Verse 18)

Here lok Vedh means fictitious story. Real god is briefed in Vedas

8. The Best God is someone else who sustains all (Chapter 15 Verse 17)

Here Shree Krishna for now (actually Kaal is speaker) indicates some other supreme god.

9. Once that divine being is attained, there is never birth and death (Chapter 8 Verse 8,9,10)

Who is that divine god to whom Shree Krishna is indicating? It is proved that Shree Krishna is not complete god.

Secrets Shree Bhagwat Gita ji

10. I am also in the shelter of the divine who is indestructible (Chapter 15 Verse 5)

It is proved Shree Krishna is not divine, he is also in the reign of that divine

11.That God is also my deity (Chapter 18 Verse 64)

12. The place where the divine resides is my ultimate abode, that place is without birth – death (Chapter 8 Verse 21,22) That place is called Ritdham in the Vedas, Satlok / Sachkhand in the voice of saints. It is said that eternal place in Gita ji.

13. I am a letter “Om”(Chapter 10 Verse 25, Chapter 9 Verse 17 , Chapter 7 Verse 8 and Chapter 8 in verse 12,13)

Which means reciting words like Hare ram kare krishna, radhe radhe, etc is worthless.

14. The name “Om” is of Brahma (Chapter 8 Verse 13).

Who is Brahm. Find from here

15. I am Kaal (Chapter 10 Verse 23)

Kaal means killer and a killer cannot be god.

16. He is also the light of the divine light (Chapter 13 Verse 16).

Here who is he, that Shree Krishna is indicating.

17. Arjuna, you too, go to the shelter of that divine being, by whose grace you will attain ultimate peace, happiness and ultimate salvation (Chapter 18 Verse 62).

18. Brahm is also born from a complete Brahm (Chapter 3 Verse 14,15).

Who is that complete Brahm?

19. The saintly visionary saint knows me (Chapter 18 Verse 55)

Which means visionary saint only knows Brahm.

20. Know me from the element (chapter 4 Verse 14)

Here why Shree Krishna called himself to know from element though everybody were aware of his presence.

21. You will know the reason for being born and death and 84 lakhs birth cycle, I am the one who slaps in these filthy vagaries (Chapter 4 Verse 35)

Which means Shree Krishna (Kaal) keeps human in 84 lakhs birth and death. No one can attain salvation reciting his name.

22. Knowledge of humans is covered (Chapter 5 Verse 16)

Which means nobody has knowledge of God

23. From Brahma Lok to the lower Brahma / Vishnu / Shiva Lok, the earth is all reincarnated (perishable).

24. Bow before the saintly saint with obeisance (become enamored with body, mind, wealth, speech and ego) (Chapter 4 Verse 34)

25. Only one saint in the thousands knows me from the element (Chapter 7 Verse 3)

26. I am Kaal and I have come now (Chapter 10 Verse 33)

Here why Shree Krishna says I have come now, though he was there from very beginning. This means he is not the speaker of Shree Bhagwat Gita ji. Why he should lie and before Kurukshetra batttle, he never called himself Kaal.

Shree Krishna were against battle, he knew the destruction so why suddenly he insist Arjuna for battle. Though Arjuna were too denying for battle.

This means Kaal is superior then Shree Krishna. Shree Krishna were in control of Kaal.

27. Cultivate with scripture method, it is dangerous to practice against scripture (Chapter 16 Verse 23,24)

Means doing shraddha, fasting etc are useless.

28. Sins are consumed by knowledge and by breathing (Chapter 4 Verse 29,30, 38,49)

From this it is proved that those who recite words like Hare Ram Hare Krishna, Radha Radhe, Ram Ram all are useless. The real mantra is provided by elemental saint.

29. How to identify who is a metaphysical saint: – One who can explain about the reverse tree is a metaphorical saint (Chapter 15 Verse 1 – 4).

30. And who can tell age of Brahma and time span of day and night of Brahma is an elemental saint (Chapter 8 Verse 17).

31. Om Tat Sat is only mantra for salvation (Chapter 17, Verse 23 to 28)

Om Tat Sat mantra is only provided by elemental saint.

Hence it is proved that the speaker of Shree Bhagat Gita ji is not Shree Krishna and Shree Krishna is not complete god. In whole Gita Ji he never spoke himself as god but he is indicating some other superior divine god.

All the above points are easily elaborated by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj in easy language. There is no any saints in the whole earth who could elaborate above points. Hence, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is only metaphorical elemental saint.

How to attain salvation?

In this prime time Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is only one true complete guru who can explore the true paths for salvation. Rest the norms and values are useless and never provide benefits.  Human life is very rare; one shouldn’t spoil for gathering the dolls like vehicles and other assets.

Contributing this life for making prosperous is a kind of illusion enforced by Jyoti Niranjan Kaal with his three son (Rajogun brahma, SatoGun Vishnu and TammoGun Shiv) including his better half Aadi Maya Astangi (Durga/Prakriti/Maya).

We should be determined towards complete god as directed by true guru Saint Rampal ji Maharaj. To take Naam Upadesh please go to “Naam Diskha” menu from menu bar at top.


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