Sheu Samman Story of salvation

Sheu Samman story of salvation: We have already provided the best motivational and spiritual story to emerge the spiritual nature in human souls. Now, we are going to reveal the real story of Sheu (Shiv) and Samman‘s story.

As we are already aware that complete god is Kabir Sahib which is proved by true guru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from the different holy books like, Shree Bhagwat Gita, Quran Sherrif, and Vedas. Here Sheu and Samman were very poor. They used to work in others house to raise the family. Here Sheu is son of Samman. They were disciples of complete god Kabir Sahib.

Everywhere they go, they used to talk and brief the importance of complete god Kabir Shaib. They remember complete god every time. They were determined for salvation.

100% Salvation guranteed

They used to think that their guru would come in their house and they will serve them. Though Kabir Sahib is complete god, knows everything. They are asking to provide chance to serve their guru ji. Hence one day, Complete god their guru ji came to their house.

They were very happy to see Kabir Sahib in their door step. There were three guest including Kamal. Kamal was Kabir Sahib’s son not his own but Kabir Sahib made alive Kamal and then Kabir Sahib made him his disciple and son as well. There is different story why and how Kamal became son of Kabir Sahib. Know from here

Then Kamal said to Samman, Don’t you welcome guru ji in your house? Then Samman requested to sit inside the house. His happiness made him forget to serve to his guru ji. The whole family was very happy.

Sheu Samman Story of salvation

Samman told his wife to prepare food for guru ji. His wife called him in a corner and said, we don’t have anything to cook today. What we will serve to our guru ji? Samman told to beg from the neighbors in village. But his wife replied that all are jealous from us as we brief every time about our guru ji. Today they won’t give anything instead that they will make a joke on us. So it will be worthless to ask from neighbor.

She already has begged actually. The neighbor and villagers insulted them by saying their guru ji god so he can help them.

There was nothing to server to their guru ji.

His mother told Sheu to steal some flour from the shop in their village to serve by making Chapatti (Roti). Listening this Sheu denied and replied guru ji have told us not to steal, its heinous sin so how could he steal. His father Samman said, yes it’s true but stealing and serving them to needy or guru ji is not sin. We will not eat that flour. We will all serve to our guru ji. His son was ready.

Both son and father went to steal in the shop nearby. There was tunnel like hole to enter in the shop. Samman said he will enter through the hole in case he was caught, his son would escape from there. But his son denied and requested to go himself. His son went through the hole and found the flour there and collected it. There was dark inside and due to the movement of him, the utensils made noise. The owner of the shop wakes up and caught the leg of Sheu. He threw the bundle of pack from the hole and told his father to go home and give to his mother for making chapatti.

Samman gave that bundle of flour to his wife and briefed every incident. They were worried but they seemed happy before Kabir sahib. His wife and both thought if his son will be recognized there all will insult their guru and us. They will make a joke and made humor saying this is what their guru ji preaches. So they both came in conclusion to cut the head of their son so that none can recognize him. In this way the prestige of their guru ji would be saved. Samman was ready

Sheu was also thinking same to preserve the prestige of his guru ji.  

Now, Samman again went toward the Sheu where he was caught with a sharp knife. He requested the owner of the shop to let him talk. But the owner was cruel and didn’t listen. Sheu requested to cut the vein of the leg so that he cannot run, The owner did the same.

As there was hole, Sheu pierce his head from the hole and requested his father to chop his head explaining why. Though his father came for the same reason he found guts listening his son’s word and chopped his head and took the head and kept inside the box in his house safely.

They seemed happy before Kabir sahib. Now it was time to serve chapatti (roti) to guru ji and rest two guest where one was Kamal. His wife placed 3 plates and kept roti there. But Kabir Sahib told they are all together 6 persona and serve for all . Both husband wife pretends that they will eat after them and Sheu had gone outside for playing.

Then complete god made a word and called Sheu, come son and join with us. Sheu came there. Both husband and wife were shocked. Suddenly he went to the place where he had kept his son’s head. He found nothing not even the drops of blood. They were very happy and hailed the guru ji.

After the departure of Kabir Sahib, Samman went to the shop but found nothing.

Due to the miracle of complete god, they were graced and after some days they became prosperous and did the bhakti from core and they attained the salvation.

But the Samman was always feeling guilty that if he had some foods then he wouldn’t chop his son’s head. So he couldn’t attain salvation because his determination was in his son.

Hence, for salvation. One shouldn’t be determined to anything of this Kaal’s lok . They couldn’t attain salvation.

How to attain salvation?

In this prime time Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is only one true complete guru who can explore the true paths for salvation. Rest the norms and values are useless and never provide benefits.  Human life is very rare; one shouldn’t spoil for gathering the dolls like vehicles and other assets.

Contributing this life for making prosperous is a kind of illusion enforced by Jyoti Niranjan Kaal with his three son (Rajogun brahma, SatoGun Vishnu and TammoGun Shiv) including his better half Aadi Maya Astangi (Durga/Prakriti/Maya). We should be determined towards complete god as directed by true guru Saint Rampal ji Maharaj. To take Naam Upadesh please go to “Naam Diskha” menu from menu bar at top.


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