Rishi Markandaye and Urvarshi

Rishi Markandaye and Urvarshi. Once there were sage (Rishi) named Markandaye who himself is writer of Markandaye Puran. Markandaye puran is one the reknown from 18 puran among the hindu religion. He used to sadhana / taap (meditation) in the sacred place of Bangal.

Markadaye rishi  was the determined follower of Brahm ( Jyoti Niranjan Kaal) and used to enchant the “OM” mantra. He was doing Hatth Yog ( deep meditation).

Those who do Hath yog never attains the salvation and they will only benefited by achieving some siddhis and powers only. More they can be King of huge territory and again threw back to hell but never attains salvation. To be true one reciting “OM” mantra cannot attains salvation. They still find themselves in the 84 –lakhs birth death.

GaribDas Ji Maharaj says:-

Timbh kare dongar chadhe, antar jinni jhoth

Jag jane bhakti kare, yeh bowe sool babool

Which means,those who do hath yog or recite OM mantra, they themselves don’t know what will be the result. They seem more glad and satisfied that they are in true bhakti but all is useless.

There is no any benefits of “OM” mantra. Only salvation is possible after taking initiations from true guru and in prime time Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is true guru. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj  is himself the incarnation of complete God, Kabir Saheb. Please read here about the true guru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Rishi Markandaye and Urvarshi

Indra is master of Swarg (Heaven). His age to be master of swarg is only 72 Chaturyuga (Satya yuga, Treata yuga, Dwapar yuga and Kalyuga makes one Chaturyuga). The designation of Indra is obtained from Taap and Jaap. And in the ruling period of Indra, he is informed that if anyone from earth is capable to get the throne of Indralok (Swarg).

Then you could be fired from designation of King and that person will be kept instead.  Indra is also informed you can do anything to keep your throne by hook or crook. Means Indra is allowed to disturb who is doing Taap and Jaap. Indra himself is always depressed about this and he is in always fear.

Indra orders his soldiers to keep in eye that no one could do Taap and jaap and if they find, those soldiers disturbed the yogi.

One day, Indra go to know that Markandaye Rishi is doing Taap and Sadhana. Indra planned to disturbed him. He orders Urvarshi (celestial nymph) of Swarg  to disturn the Sadhana of Markandaye Rishi. She was also booned with magical power and with that power she changed the panorama into beautiful scene with fragrance so that she can lure the Markandaye. She started dancing around Markandaye.

But Markandaye rishi did not show any attention towards Urvarshi. At last she took off her clothes and become naked. And Markandaye rishi asked her “ Daughter what is purpose of your arrival. You must have any intention to come to me, Please let me know”.

Then she suddenly wore the cloths and said “Respected Rishi Ji, in this planet those who sees me they forget everything and are lured in my beauty and figure but why you aren’t lured towards me?. Where you have kept the Samadhi that you did not get distracted even I tried with all my best to distract  you.

Markandaye rishi replied:- “My Samadhi was in that lok where the servants of dancers are more beautiful then you, don’t ask how beautiful are their mistress. So why should I pay attention on you?. In fact Markandaye’s Samadhi was in Brahm Lok ( Jyoti Niranjan Kaal’s Lok). Infact Brahm lok is thousand times beautiful then swarg lok.

*Points to be noted*

There are several loks like Shiv lok, Vishnu Lok, Brahma lok, Ganesh Lok, Durga lok and they are very beautiful but in fact they are like the restaurant. Your earned deeds karmas are emptied there and you are sent back to hell or in 84 Lakhs birth death.

Markandaye Rishi was determined bhakt in his past life as in return he was still booned  with some siddhis in present birth. Urvashi replied, I am the most beautiful fairy in the swarg lok and requested to join with her for swarg lok. So that her prestige will remain constant.

Then Markandaye Rishi asked her “ The age of Indra is 72 Chaturguga and what you will do after that? Urvarshi replied “ I  will stay with 14 more Indras. I have such long life and long ruling period. Markandaye Rishi said you have to die also after those 14 Indra dies then you also have to leave the Swarga lok What will you do after that?. Urvarshi replied, the Indra when dies they become donkey in next life and I will also get life of donkey after the 14th Indra dies.

Markandaye Risi asked so why you are requesting to go in such place where the king also becomes the donkey one day. Then She replied ,” To maintain my prestige in swarg lok”.

We should understand that what are having in present time all have to leave this so why to care of the prestige and think about this life which is not ours. One day everything will be lost but Bhakti will bw always with us. All the attempts of Urvarshi failed and Indra himself came and resusted to Markandaye Rishi to join with him for Swarga Lok.

He also said I lose and you win please be the king of Swarga lok. Rishi Ji replied “Indra , your throne is useless for me, what will I do with the throne. I am interested for transitory things but join with me I will teach you how to achieve more then this swarga lok which is Brahm lok.

I will tell you the way of doing Taap and Jaap and Sadhana to achieve Brahm Lok. In fact, Brahm lok is also transitory. Those who reached there have to come back again in 84 lakhs birth death. Rishi Ji only know up to Brahm lok because he don’t had met the true guru like Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj  who will teach him more then Brahm lok.

More from Brahm Lok there is Satlok where if one goes they never dies and never have to come back in 84 lakhs birth death. Indra replied “ Maharaj, please let me rule the throne of Swarga and after that I will learn and ignored the Rishi’s request.

Moral of the story

The one who have achieved some good position in society, in a state or in a particular committee. Or one who have property and prosperous life, if we teach them the true lesson how to attain salvation, they never pay attention and ignored as well. This means they are blind like Indra and Urvarshi at last they have to leave all the positions designations and property and be a donkey in next birth.

There is only one way to attain salvation from taking initiations form true guru Sant Ramplaji Maharaj. Rest there no any other way to attain salvation and earn mental peace. Please click on or visit the “Naam Diksha” page from menu or from here.

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