Miracles of true bhakti

Miracles of true bhakti and story of Ranka , Banka and NaamDev Ji

Saint GaribDas Ji says:-

Guru bin mala ferate 
Guru bin dete daan
Guru bin dono nisfal hai
chahe pucho vedh puran

We human souls are in competition of earning the money and scaling the life standards. We don’t know that what is the purpose of this body and this birth. We only wish to have the assets or properties how much its necessary and rest being the greediness is making our life in deep trouble.

Kabir Saheb, the complete God, himself lived very normal life knitting the clothes and raising the parents and family. Kabir Saheb wants to show the true lesson to this planet that demand of this transitory things is spoiling the human life themselves. As this life is attained from 84 births and deaths, we shouldn’t waste it by demanding the useless stuffs like the buildings, the cars, the bungalows, the property will not go with us.

We have to left these to here and what we keep to us is our Bhakti and deeds. We get the next life with valuation of our Bhakti and deeds and Jyoti Niranjan Kaal the master of 21 universe compelled human souls to attain life of animals or any other living beings except Human if our Bhakti is not true. Kaal Niranjan is merciless and he is that demon who has chained the humans with three gunas where his three son ( Rajogun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu an d Tamogun Shiv) including his better half Prakriti Durga (Maya).

Miracles of true bhakti

Kabir sahib himself is determined for his souls who were departed from the Satlok and came with the Jyoti Niranjan Kaal and that souls are we human people. So Kabir sahib preaches  us with true knowledge.

Hence we must address Kabir Saheb’s true knowledge of how to do true Bhakti and attain salvation from this earth. Our native home is Satlok.

Kabir Saheb Say’s

“Surpati dukhiya bhupati dukhiya, Rarank dukhi bapriti ho

Kahe kabir aur sab dukhiya, Ek sant sukhi man jeeti ho”

The above pious vaani from Kabir Saheb describes with an example of prosperous king of Swarg (Heaven) Indradev. Indradev himself a master of Swarg where he owns his own lok Indralok. But he all lost with the curse of sage named Rishi Durwasha. Hence Kabir sahib wants to pass message that the king or master of Swarg (Indralok) himself is not happy and satisfied though he owns own lok. It means the things which we are dying to gather will be lost and losed oneday.

The death will snatch it and we will never get time for true bhakti. Jyoti NIranjan Kaal will never give second chance to to Bhakti again. If again human souls get birth of human again these three gunas ( Rajogun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu an d Tamogun Shiv) including his better half Prakriti Durga (Maya) compelled to start with new journey. Human forgets all the past accounts and deeds.

Once there were husband and wife named Ranka and Banka and their daughter Wanka. They were taken Naam upadesh from Complete God. NaamDev very determined saint used to recite the OM mantra. Purna Parmatma told him that with OM mantra is useless to recite. One cannot attains salvation. With this mantra salvation cannot be attained but some powers can be achieved. 

Even after the death OM reciting sage has to fall in 84 Lakhs birth and death. The true mantra is “Om Tat Sat” where “Tat” and Sat” are symbolic where true Guru only can explain the meaning and have right to give this three mantra. In current prime time Sant Rampalji Maharaj is only true Guru for giving these three  mantras. After these mantra once can attain salvation else there is no any other way or mantra to attain salvation and mental peace.

*Point to be noted “Om Tat Sat” is last third mantra before that first mantra and second mantra is there.*

And explaining all these true knowledge and powers of mantras supreme God himself gave NaamDev the second Naam (Mantra) Satnaam. This mantra is only given by true guru and in current prime time true guru is Sant Rampalji Maharaj an incarnation of Complete supreme God Kabir.

Kabir Saheb is the creater of all living beings and this universe. Please read more about “Sristi Rachana” Universe Formation from here.

Oneday NaamDev Ji was roaming in the place near to temple. At that time Brahmins were worshipping the God in temple and ringing the bell of temple. Suddenly NaamDev Ji listened the tune of bell and remembered Complete God as he was pious soul doing bhakti of supreme God in his past life.

NaamDev Ji went into deep remembrance of Complete God and started enchanting the name with motion and deep concentertaion. He went close to temple and entered to temple in between of Brahmins. Brahmins scolds NaamDev Ji that low society low caste person came to temple as there was caste discrimination in high peek.

The Brahmins threw NaamDev Ji from the temple to backside and Supreme God change the face of temple where NaamDev were thrown. And that Brahmins were worshipping at the backside of the temple as the face of temple was rotated.

When NaamDev Ji were passing from the home of Ranka and Banka, NaamDev Ji noticed that Wanka the daughter of Ranka and Banka was making paste of herbal medicine of oil and Turmeric  in the piece of cloth. NaamDev Ji asked what are you doing Wanka?

And Wanka replied “ I am making herbal medicine for Guru Ji, Guru Ji’s hand has been swollen with your insane deeds. Who told you to go in temple and Guru Ji changed the face of temple to your side to keep the respect to his Bhagats.” Complete God’s in the form sage used to stay as temporary to  Ranka and Banka’s house.

As Supreme God’s hand wasn’t swollen all was his play as he wants to scale the faith and let NaamDev Ji’s know the reality so that the Bhakti will be more emerged in Naamdev Ji’s heart from Supreme God for salvation and to escape from Jyoti Niranjan Kaal’s lok

The moral of the story and video is only true Bhakti is permanent and human life is only for meeting with true God and attain salvation. In this prime time true Guru is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj an incarnation of Complete God Kabir sahib. Read more about True Guru from here.


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