Kalu Jhimir Guru of Narad Muni: Untold story

Kalu Jhimir Guru of Narad Muni: Untold story We have already come to a conclusion that life have death and we also know the reason of death. Human life is designed only for salvation but Kaal has created such a trap in this universe that human souls cannot escape from it.

Several traps like relationship, property, love, affection, will, life standards are main weapon of Kaal. Kaal don’t want human to attain salvation because Kaal is cursed by complete god Kabir Sahib to eat the sin of one lakh human souls and reproduce one lakh twenty five thousand human souls per day

Kalu Jhimir Guru of Narad Muni: Untold story

Due to Kaal’s illusion we are not interested on Bhakti and those who are doing bhakti they are not benefited as Kaal’s have misled the human soul’s. Human are not doing true bhakti so how can this bhakti provide benefits.

Rare people do bhakti but those who do are practicing against the holy scripts and result is zero. Those who think they are benefited, that is actually the result of their past virtue deeds.

In this Kalyuga those who do Bhakti are virtue souls. It doesn’t mean those who don’t are sinner, they too are virtue but misled and misguided by Kaal. In past birth those who were determined towards complete god have prosperous life in their present birth.

But Kaal has sent them in such region where past virtue are expended. Those who are living in standard life, Kaal has created such a trap so that their virtue will empty and after this birth, they are sent in 84 lakhs birth and deaths to experience sufferings.

Kalu Jhimir Guru of Narad Muni: Untold story

The good example is Mira Bai, who was virtue soul in past birth and in present Kaal sent her in such a royal dynasty that she could never remember the complete god. She was facilitated by all sorts of happiness as happiness are result of past account. But she was still determined towards complete god Kabir Sahib and finally attained the salvation.

Next good example like Mira Bai is Kalu Jhimir who was virtue soul in past birth but in human birth Kaal sent in the family of fisherman so that his virtue will get null and sin scaled. As killing animals and fishing is heinous sin.

Jhimir was professional fisherman; he had caught all the fishes around his territory. Next to his neighbor territory, the King has ordered “No one will kill innocent animals nor catches fish in his area.

Next day Kalu Jhimir found the pond to next his territory where King’s order was ruling. Kalu Jhimir went to that place at evening time so that he could catch the fish in dawn and returned back so that none can see him.   

It was winter season. He started catching fish with net. He kept the caught fish beside him in separate place. Though it was winter season, he was feeling severe cold and went close to fire to make his body warmth and again he started the same procedure for catching fish. Doing all these, it was almost clear morning.                                       

In morning the king with his soldiers and riding on elephant was ready for safari. The king journey was same route where Kalu Jhimir was catching fish. Kalu Jhimir saw King on the way and was afraid.

Suddenly he threw all the fishes in pond and went close to lighting fire. His body was cold and wearing nothing except his underwear. His appearance was in long beard and hair like a saint.

As King has ordered those who kill animals and found fishing, they should be punished until death. Kalu Jhimir got afraid imaging the consequences and pretended like saint. He smears the ashes in his whole body and pretended like sage (saint).

When King saw him, King though or real sage and ordered his soldiers to stop. Kalu Jhimir was severing with fear of death. He was silent with both hand attached. King though this sage is doing meditation and did not disturbed him.

King bowed before him and touched feet, at that period touching feet of sage was huge respect. The king picked pinch of ash and smears in his forehead as well. Instead that King kept 5/6 golden pieces before Kalu Jhimir.

Somebody told Kalu Jhimir’s wife that He had gone for fishing to next his neighbor territory where the king has ordered not to kill innocent animals. She suddenly went there and saw Kalu Jhimir still severing with his eyes closed.

She wiggled him and he opened the eyes and asked how she came there. His wife explained all the things. He also saw the golden pieces in front of him and remembered the King touching his feet as respect.

Kalu Jhimir thought, he was pretending of sage and got the huge respect by King, what if He would be real sage. All the happiness would be in his feet. All this came to his mind and gave all the golden pieces to his wife and oath not catch fish from that day.  

But his wife was cruel and compelled for fishing giving reason how they would survive if he won’t catches fish. She packed roti (chapatti) and Kalu Jhimir again went for fishing. He went by force but in the way he was remembering supreme god from bottom of the heart.

He was feeling guilty that he had committed heinous sin. He appeals to supreme god for forgive. But he did not catch any fishes and returned to his home with empty hand. It was his daily routine and his wife quarrels to him.

As he was virtue soul in his past birth, supreme god came to him in form of sage and asked the reason for sadness. He explained all this committed sin and deeds. Than supreme god gave him Naam Upadesh and said to recite the mantra.

Complete god says,’

“Soham sabd ham jag me lawe, saar sabd ham gupt chupaye”

Hence Kalu Jhimir started reciting the mantra given by supreme god, Kabir Sahib.

Now let us move towards Narad Ji’s story. Narad Ji were cursed to suffer in 84 Lakhs birth and death but he was also informed the way to get the rid as well. The information was, Narad Ji have to roam in particular direction and in that way the first person he met, he have to made him guru. Narad Ji were walking straight and he was encountered with Kalu Jhimir.

Narad Ji thought he is fisherman and refused to accept him as guru. He started journey on next day and found the same Kalu Jhimir. Agan he refused to accept as guru.

Now, Narad Ji were informed to accept Kalu Jhimir as guru and touch his feet for salvation. Narad Ji agreed but according to supreme god Kalu Jhimir was not permitted to give Naam Upadesh but he did.

It was his blunder. Though Narad Ji were benifited by Naam Upadesh but Kalu Jhimir  was benefited as well till his virtue deed were alive.

With this story, we have to follow all the orders of supreme god so that we can attain salvation. Denying the orders one can never met complete god but remains in 84 Lakhs birth and death.

How to attain salvation?

In this prime time Saint Rampla Ji Maharaj is only one true complete guru who can explore the true paths for salvation. Rest the norms and values are useless and never provide benefits. 

Human life is very rare; one shouldn’t spoil for gathering the dolls like vehicles and other assets. Contributing this life for making prosperous is a kind of illusion enforced by Jyoti Niranjan Kaal with his three son (Rajogun brahma, SatoGun Vishnu and TammoGun Shiv) including his better half Aadi Maya Astangi (Durga/Prakriti/Maya).

We should be determined towards complete god as directed by true guru Saint Rampalji Maharaj. To take Naam Upadesh please go to “Naam Diskha” menu from menu bar at top or click here.


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