How to control anger?

How to control anger? Anger is one of the worse emotion and we should know how to control it. Those who have initiated with Naam Upadesh from complete sadguru Saint Rammpal Ji Maharaj, they are informed to listen or do Nitniyam (Daily) vaani from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Disciples are also informed to lit the Jyot (lit a light) vertically in  ghee. Ghee can be bought from the near by stores. It’s not specific but if it’s pure, that would be better. The disciples are provided with tiny book and mp3 so that they can read or either listen in the specific time according to one’s flexibility.

There are three times of praying. First is “Subah Ka Nitniyam” it can be performed between 12 AM to 12 PM. Second is “Asur Nikandan Ramaini” it can be performed between 12 PM to 12 AM but the best time is 12:30 and 1:30 between. One can perform according to the time but between 12 PM to 12 AM. And third last one is “Sandhaya Arati” it can be performed after sun set and before 12 PM.  

There are a lot of stanzas and verse in the Nitniyam. One must not think this as they are compelled to do but listening or reading it and understanding and practicing in daily routine makes Bhagti more strong.

Its necessary to do but not in pressure. This leads to control anger. There complete god, Kabir Sahib have ordered to the human what to do and what not so we have to understand that how much we can.

The words are not fictitious but these words of Nitniyam are from complete god, Kabir Sahib. True guru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj says,” one can only concentrate upto 20% of total Nitniyams but if 20% are implemented and takes seriously one can attain complete god easily.

Complete god kabir sahib says,

“Awaat gaari ek hai, ultat hoye aneek

Kahe kabir nahi ultiye, ohi ek hi ek”

We shouldn’t reply when in hyper anger. This means we must not reply in anger because it may led to critical suffering or may take our breath. The consequences are terrible. We are bhagat and if we reply in same pattern to Jagats it not the true sign of bhagat.

One must be polite and normal at any cost. Might you be more superior to them if you did same act, the different will be nothing from them. So SadGuru Sant Rampla Ji Maharaj order not to reply in same and if these situations arise, bhagats should remember the Vaani (words) of Nitniyam and control the things. To control these anger its called Gyan Yagya.

Hence these are the true and pious words from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj who himself an incarnation of complete god, Kabir Sahib is only true guru.

There are several reasons of listening and reading Nitniyams. One most important reason is, we usually go outside for service, jobs, works and other reasons, several strangers can be encountered and they can react on us. Either by our act or by work or by any reason.

They might get in high weed but what we disciples (Bhagat) have to do is, remember the complete god’s words from Nitniyam and control our emotions. Though we get hyper tensions or anger, automatically the words of complete god appeared in mind and we can control it easily.

If we can’t control, one can’t be true bhagat and met complete god. There is huge difference between Jagats (those who have not initiated naam upades) and Bhagats.

How to control anger?

Reciting of OM mantra, its not the way to met complete god. Sadhak’s only acquired siddhis to play but their sin are as usual because om mantra don’t have abilities to chop the sins and still those sadhaks are in 84 birth death. Their anger are as it is and they cannot control that.

They also have to pay their bad karmas like Chunak rishi and that person who used to catch fish with the hooks. Only true mantra provided by Saint Rampla Ji Mahraj can chop the sins and eradicate the several human sufferings.

So, one should take naam upadesh from true guru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to attain salvation. For Naam Upadesh please visit “Naam Diksha” menu form menu bar.


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